• Secularism

    Secularism – Conundrum of Indian Constitution

    India is a unique State, promoting secularism and preserving spirituality through constitutional provisions and judicial pronouncements. In simple terms, secularism can be defined as the ‘principle of separation of state from the religious institution‘. In the concept…

  • Relationship

    The legality of Live-In Relationships

    Indian society is ever-changing. Its custom and practices have seen loads of dynamism and a good influence from civilization. The Indian society has shown a forceful modification in its living patterns, from women working at night in…

  • Political and Religious Dilemma

    The Political and Religious Nexus in India

    In 1976, the Forty-second Amendment of India’s Constitution rendered it a secular nation. Although the most commonly accepted definition of secular is the separation of religion from civic affairs and the state, India’s version of it is…

  • Blogs

    Uniform Civil Code

    The term secularism holds basic esteem among the individuals of India. The concept of faith has continuously been used as a methodology by the authorities and forums in conjunction with their governing bodies. Uniform Civil Code places…