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    The legality of Live-In Relationships

    Indian society is ever-changing. Its custom and practices have seen loads of dynamism and a good influence from civilization. The Indian society has shown a forceful modification in its living patterns, from women working at night in…

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    Marriage under Family Law

    Family laws cover a wide variety of principles that relate in nature to family affairs, such as marriage, divorce, succession, etc. There are certain legally enforceable rights that occur when the status of interpersonal relationships is recognized…

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    The Vice of Adultery

    The Indian Penal Code is a comprehensive code which is intended to cover all substantial matters of criminal law. Until 27th September 2018, this Code was home to the infamous Section 497, which talks about Adultery. The Supreme…

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    Right to Life of a Rape Victim.

    Despite strict and punitive punishment and laws which are made to protect women, crimes against women in India are increasing day by day. Many efforts were made by the National Commission for Women, which was formed under…