KnowLaw Journal | Volume 01 Issue 02


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Volume 01 Issue 02

S.No. Title of the Manuscript Author(s) Link
01Law and Human Rights – A Cardinal Parallel RelationShivaansh Singh and Bhumani TyagiRead
02Declining State of Indian Prisons for Female Convicts – Critical analysis with the increasing number of female prisonersRupal ShrimalRead
03Corporal Punishment in IndiaTushar Singh SamotaRead
04Has ADR become a form of privatized justice?Pratyaksha DevanshiRead
05Application of Strict Rule to Tax StatuteAanchal SrivastavaRead
06Dissolution of Marriage under Muslim LawAdila JaleelRead
07Piracy in International LawSudhanshu TutiRead
08Principles of Strict & Absolute Liabilities of Corporates – Case StudiesPurti Srivastava and K. AishwaryaRead
09Maintenance of Senior Citizens and ParentsAsst. Prof. Pooja RaniRead
10The Gender Biased Laws in India and the Uniform Civil CodeJitasha BahlRead
11Case Comment – State of U.P. v. Roshan Singh & Ors.Yajush TripathiRead

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