• Intellectual Property
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    Intellectual Property Rights

    The Government of India grants exclusive Intellectual Property Rights for protecting the originality of the work of the inventor. Intellectual property is an intangible creation of the human mind. The intellectual right is important for maintaining the…

  • Defamation
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    Civil and Criminal Defamation

    Defamation can be defined as the act of putting up content that is defamatory in nature or harms the reputation of the person or entity when looked at from the view of an ordinarily prudent person. Defamation…

  • Forgery
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    Section 463 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 defines the offence of forgery and Section 464 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 substantiates an equivalent by providing a solution as to when a false document might be…

  • Robbery
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    Robbery and Dacoity

    Crime is an action or omission that is punishable by law under the Indian Penal Code of 1860. Chapter XVII contains the offenses relating to property which includes broad concepts like Robbery and Dacoity.  Robbery Section 390…

  • Adultery
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    Adultery is referred to as extramarital sexual intercourse that is considered questionable and objectionable on social, religious, and moral grounds. Many cultures all around the globe considered adultery to be a very heinous and disgusting act and…

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    Abduction and Kidnapping

    The word ‘Crime’ in simple terms refers to an action or omission which is punishable by law. In India, The Indian Penal Code is the official criminal code of India. The First Law Commission chaired by Thomas Babington…

  • Marriage
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    Marriage under Family Law

    Family laws cover a wide variety of principles that relate in nature to family affairs, such as marriage, divorce, succession, etc. There are certain legally enforceable rights that occur when the status of interpersonal relationships is recognized…

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    Offences against Property

    There are different types of offences one of them is against the property. Any offence which is committed in regard to any property whether it is movable or immovable is punishable under the provisions of the Law of…

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    Culpable Homicide and Murder

    Homicide is an important legal term which is coined from the Latin word Homicida. ‘Homo’ means human and ‘cida’ means killing. Homicide is one of the most heinous act an individual can carry out as it is…

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    Elements of Crime

    Of all the branches of law, the branch that closely relates, touches and concerns a man is that of the criminal law. There have been numerous attempts so as to define crime, but all failed to identify…