Advanced Certificate Course on Enforcement of Fundamental Rights

Enforcement of Fundamental Rights

It is with profound pleasure, humility, and anticipation that we launch our Advanced Certificate Course on Enforcement of Fundamental Rights. In order to assure a well-designed framework and comprehensive knowledge, our Content Board collaborated with renowned scholars in the field of Constitutional Law to design the course.

Enforcing fundamental rights is one of the legal battles that the Indian judiciary has seen the most of. The responsibility of ensuring that all legal requirements are in accordance with people’s fundamental rights falls on the Supreme Court, which serves as the Constitution’s protector. 

KnowLaw brings to you its advanced certificate course on the ‘Enforcement of Fundamental Rights’. Through this course, we aim to educate the participants about their inalienable rights to justice and the appropriate legal actions to be taken in the event that such rights are violated.

About the Course

Fundamental Rights are those rights that are essential for the intellectual, moral, and spiritual development of the citizens of India. Every citizen of India must be well aware of their basic and essential rights. The fundamental rights that we, as citizens of India enjoy, have been enshrined in Part III of the Indian Constitution. Hence, it becomes fairly significant for us to understand what are fundamental rights, what importance they have, what they mean, and similar questions. The makers of our Indian Constitution have given the power to the High Courts and the Supreme Court of India to ensure that no citizen is deprived of his personal and fundamental rights.

Upon the completion of this course, you shall have the basic knowledge of the fundamental rights that have been bestowed upon us and also, be well acquainted with the concept of writs and their enforcement along with their analysis.

Enforcement of Fundamental Rights – Course Outline

Fundamental Rights

Even a layperson may understand the course material because of its well-designed structure. In order to ensure thorough knowledge, the course has been broken into 5 sections. The modules will be emailed to the email address you provided when you enrolled, and you will have plenty of time to read through each one thoroughly to gain a deeper understanding.

  • First Module – Introduction and Development of Fundamental Rights
  • Second Module – Right to Equality
  • Third Module – Right to Freedom
  • Fourth Module – Right against Exploitation and Right to Freedom of Religion
  • Fifth Module – Cultural and Educational Rights and Rights to Constitutional Remedy

Upon the successful completion of this course, you shall receive your certificates at your email addresses. It must however be noted that Certificates shall only be issued when you successfully complete the whole course, i.e., study all modules and submit the completed assignments.

How to register?

The cost of the course has been set at a very low ₹100. Those who are interested may make the payment through UPI (9996991366@paytm) and fill out the form. The last date for applying is 25th January 2023.

When will the course commence?

26th January, 2023 for a duration of one month.

How will the assignments be conducted?

You will receive the assignments via email and have plenty of time to complete them before mailing them back to us.

How is the price set so low when other platforms are charging a lot for such courses?

The goal of KnowLaw is to improve society by promoting access to affordable legal materials. In order to screen out those who are not interested in learning more about fundamental rights, we have kept the price as low as possible while only charging participants a portion of the actual cost. KnowLaw is sponsoring the majority of the cost of the course.

My College has begun, how will I get time to complete the Course?

There will be ample time to complete the entire course. The course has been divided into five modules, one for each week of the course, which would be sent out to the registrants. The registrants can go through the material at their pace.

Will I get enough time to complete the assignment?

There will be ample time to complete the assignment. The assignment will be sent out to the registrants via email.
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How will my queries be resolved?

All questions must be submitted to us via email or WhatsApp at our business address. In a predetermined amount of time, our content board will review your question, get in touch with the course designers, and resolve it.