CyberCrime in India – How to register CyberCrime complaint in India?

Cybercrime, or also known as a computer-oriented crime, is an offence which involves a computer and a network. The computer may have been used in the commission of an offence, or it may have been the target. Cybercrimes may also be referred to as “Offences that are committed against individuals or groups of individuals with a criminal motive to intentionally harm their reputation or to cause any physical or mental harm, or loss, to the victim directly or indirectly, using modern telecommunication networks such as the Internet and mobile phones. Cybercrime may intimidate a person or a nation’s security and financial health. 


As do we now know as to what is a Cybercrime, let us also see what all crimes or offences do actually come within the meaning of a Cybercrime. Cybercrime may be defined as a crime in which a computer is the object of the crime (hacking, phishing, spamming) or is used as a tool to commit an offence (child pornography, hate crimes). Cyber offenders may use any computer network to get pass through the computer to access personal information or use the internet for casuistic or malevolent purposes. In simpler words, Cybercrime is any offence that takes place online or primarily online. Cybercriminals often commit offences by targeting computer network locations or computer devices.

Typical types of cybercrime include online bank information theft, identity theft, online predatory crimes, and unauthorized computer access. More serious crimes like cyber terrorism also perturb many of the nations even till this date.

Cybercrime encompasses a wide range of activities, but these can generally be broken into two categories:

  • Crimes that target any computer locations or devices. These types of crimes include viruses and denial-of-service attacks.
  • Crimes that use computer networks to advance other criminal activities. These types of crimes include stalking, phishing, and fraud or identity theft.

India’s Legislation on CyberCrime

The Information Technology Act was drawn up in the year 2000 and has been revised most recently

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