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Ban On Triple Talaq- A Way Forward?

Amidst all the discussions going throughout the country, the debate of triple talaq and a possibility of uniform civil code have caused a national stir. It all came into limelight on October 27th, 2015 when a Supreme Court bench of… Continue reading →

To Photocopy Or Not To Photocopy: Academic Fair Use Or Infrignment?

Copyright is a privilege that grants exclusive rights to the author of a copyright or authorizes others to benefit from a copyrighted work. Like other legal rights, copyright too is not absolute but is subject to limits and exceptions. The… Continue reading →

Registration under Special Marriage Act, 1954 Mandatory for Marriage to be Valid : Kerala HC

Interfaith marriage, more commonly called as “mixed marriage”, is the marriage between partners professing different religions. Such marriages are still considered a taboo in many places in our country and most marriages in our country are usually governed by the customary personal laws. However when… Continue reading →

The Consumer Protection Act Amendment – Celebrities to be liable for misleading advertisements

The Consumer Protection Act is almost 30 years old by now and an amendment is in the process of making. Though this Act originally intended to deal only with disputes between consumers and manufacturers or consumers and dealers, the amendment… Continue reading →

Divorce Cannot Be Denied To Couples For Want Of Reason For Separation: Madras HC

Recently in the case of A.C.Mathivanan vs. B.Sathyabama, the Madras High Court set aside a Tirunelveli family court’s decision which had dismissed a Joint Petition for divorce on the ground that parties have not mentioned the reason for their separation…. Continue reading →

Bulandshahr Gang rape: Have we learnt nothing from the past?

The recent incident of gang rape in Bulandshahr left the entire country traumatized. A family was passing by the National Highway 91 between Noida and Shahjahanpur in Uttar Pradesh when a gang of people stopped their car, tied the men,… Continue reading →

‘Fat’ Tax in Kerala: What’s Your Take?

Recently, Kerala became the first state in the country to introduce ‘fat tax’ on junk food such as burgers, sandwiches, pizzas, etc. The planned tax is to be charged at 14.5% above the regular tax on organised fast food joints… Continue reading →

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