Rini Mathew

Every Voter Has A Fundamental Right To Know The Educational Qualification Of A Candidate

Modern states creates among its citizens a sense of involvement and participation in public affairs through a device called Election. There was an era when the elites came into power despite the resistance of the weaker sections of the society…. Continue reading →

One Nation, One Law- Uniform Civil Code

The concept of Uniform Civil Code (hereinafter referred to as UCC) is being deliberated widely today. It has been envisaged in Article 44 of the Constitution of India in Part IV, which deals with Directive Principles of State Policies, which… Continue reading →

Is Fraud Open To Arbitration?

The most contentious issue in arbitration is the arbitrability of fraud. This involves the questions such as what can be and cannot be submitted to arbitration. The recent judgment of the Supreme Court, in A Ayyasamy vs A Paramasivam &… Continue reading →

To Photocopy Or Not To Photocopy: Academic Fair Use Or Infrignment?

Copyright is a privilege that grants exclusive rights to the author of a copyright or authorizes others to benefit from a copyrighted work. Like other legal rights, copyright too is not absolute but is subject to limits and exceptions. The… Continue reading →

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