Welcome! KnowLaw is an initiative which aims to weave easy access to legal aid for the public, and bring to your fingertips the latest legal updates. We also aim to provide legal assistance (legal aid) through online absolutely free of cost!

We have recognized the lack of legal awareness in our country today; that regardless of their educational qualifications, people lack basic legal knowledge. In order to bridge this gap between laymen and law, the organization has joined hands with students from various law schools in India, and is humbled to present before you an online platform offering E-Legal Aid services free of any costs. With the aim of creating a higher standard of legal scholarship by providing a platform to research on various issues of socio-legal importance, and as a measure of attaining the desired objectives, we also provide access to journals hosted on our site.

We are available for booking Legal Aid Campaigns in schools, colleges etc.! Contact us at mail@knowlaw.in for bookings!